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Vurke Inc. 2015

Vurke is a finance, technology and workforce management solutions provider. In technology they build SaaS based workforce management solutions. In finance they have a global crowdfunding platform that caters to creative, social, equity and loan crowdfunding. In the physical workforce management space they provide international contingent work force solutions.

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iGnite is white labelled crowdfunding platform that is powered by the fundstak.com engine. It can be plugged into an organization's existing website and use their existing payment gateways. iGnite can be used for social, CSR, creative, equity and debt crowdfunding.



ZED is premier manufacturer of high quality t shirts, shorts and hoodies with over 51 years of experience in manufacturing and providing to reputable brand names worldwide. ZED claims that they are are renowned for their stylish, affordable fashion. Their customers can always rely on them for great going-out looks and occasion wear, amazing Fabric and remarkable fitting. ZED prides themselves on being the perfect online store to pick up everything people need for a brand new head-to-toe look.



NED Alumni Association of Southern California (NEDAASC) is a non-profit organization with its members drawn from NED University of Engineering and Technology.The association is based in Southern California.


iGnite Basic

iGnite is a powerful white labelled crowd funding portal that allows organizations to raise money online on their own website with funds coming directly to them.

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Machinery Zone

Machinery zone is actively engaged in import and indenting of multifarious industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, textile chemicals, pigments and dyes as well as water treatment chemicals from global sources.

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vurkeforce is a contract or temporary staffing agency that offers flexible staffing options. They offer contract and contract-to-hire options to quickly increase and decrease an organizations workforce.


fundstak Blog

fundstak is a place, that helps people and organizations raise money online for almost anything from creative projects such as creating a short movie, developing a video game or a new product to equity projects for starting or expanding a business to loans for business or personal use and social causes for charities, wedding expenses, medical bills, education and more.

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