DAN’s Portfolio

Sazgar Engineering

Sazgar is a premier manufacturer of CNG 4 Stroke 3 Wheelers and Automotive Wheel Rims. With manufacturing facilities based in Paksitan and a Global Dealer Network, Sazgar is leading the market in Pakistan and also exporting to international markets.

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Polaris AV

Polaris AV is a premium provider of Audio and Video equipment rental. They offer cutting edge rental equipment needed to power your Business Meetings, Special Events, Concerts, Conventions, Trade Shows and Presentations.

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Altaf and Sons

Altaf & Sons publishes and exports quality books globally on a diverse range of topics that fall within the realm of Islam. Their extensive collection contains titles that are known worldwide and available in multiple languages including Urdu, Arabic, English and French.

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Zafar Industries

Zafar Industries are manufacturers and exporters of knitwear since 1964. They are successfully exporting their products in U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Spain and Germany through importers and distributors.

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ACC Polymers

ACC Polymers is involved in providing biodegradable plastic films and other plastic products to their customers. These include but are not limited to carry bags, waste bags, plastic trays, cups, shrink wraps etc.

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SMS Deal Box

SMSDealBox.com offers co-branding and group advertising services enabling businesses to collectively promote themselves through diverse media including strategically placed outdoor billboards, targeted SMS broadcast, email broadcast, cable and print all at a negligible cost.

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Ashraf Leather

Muhammad Ashraf and Sons was established in 1956 to supply finished leather skins around the world. They have now grown to become a premier supplier of fashion leathers and products specializing in lamb skin and goat skin focusing on environment friendly full vegetable tanning techniques.

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Evershine Industries

Evershine Industries a leading manufacturer of laminated and plastic tubes providing to some of the leading names in the industry. With their strong focus on quality, customer service and ethics they are setting the standards in their home market. They are the largest laminated tube manufacturer in Pakistan with a capacity of over 150 million tubes per annum.

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Marhaba General

Marhaba General Trading Company was established in 1997 with the aim of selling the best in Textile Solutions to the Textile Industry in Pakistan. They are agents for some of the most reputed machinery and textile manufacturers around the world and have been providing these products to some of the biggest names in Pakistan for more than a decade with success.

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Literally Organic

Literally Organic is a Trading Company and Wholesale Suppliers of Khalis (Organic) Products from Pakistan. With their offices based in Karachi, Pakistan, they select the best in organic products from all over the country and supply in decent quantities.

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