E Commerce

It has never been easier to reach out to an entire country without establishing multiple retail outlets in multiple cities. Made possible with faster internet, smart phone penetration, online drop shippers such as Amazon, eBay, Daraz, Yayvo, modern payment services like PayPal, Apple Pay, Telenor Easypaisa, Mobilink Jazzcash, increased social media usage – everyone is buying online.

DDA can help you launch your retail brand with a brand image that has taste, quality aesthetics and an image that makes the brand stand out in this competitive space. DDA has the relevant experience in establishing multiple brands coupled with technology expertise and proven sales and marketing expertise.

With an arrangement in which you design and manufacture and DDA handles the rest, we can help you setup and make your brand profitable at 25% of what it would cost you if you hire your own team – Plus we are proven!

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Recent Projects


If you choose to sell in a new country we can help you setup your new entity, bank account, onboard local payment systems, accountants, lawyers and more.

Supply Chain

We can help you setup your entire supply chain for products that need to be assembled and shipped, products that are in your warehouse and products that are in your target country warehouse. This includes identifying and on boarding the right warehouses, logistics partners, establishing processes and more.


With 8+ years of web development experience we can help you identify the right software for your target market and your products. We can help you with photo shoots, content, search engine optimization and more.


We can help you start selling quickly by identifying, onboarding, integrating and marketing on the right channels in your target market for example Amazon in the US and Daraz in Pakistan.


We can help you identify, on board and integrate the right payment partners for online payments, mobile payments, cash on delivery and more.


In our arrangement we can own sales and marketing targets and help you make your brand profitable.


We can help you sell in brick and mortar stores and non drop shippers.

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